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Leather Products

Ataraís leather good manufacturing unit is one of the best manufacturing unit in manufacturing of Leather Garments, Gloves,Bags, Shoes, Chapels, Belts & Leather Accessories. We offer variety of Leather Gloves, Shoes, Chapels & other Accessories infabulous quality.at ever the quality you choose in our leather we can make it & design it.

Home Linen & Garments

Ataraís home linen & manufacturing is one of the best manufacturing units in Pakistan. Atara have been exporting home linen & Garment products to Europe, Fareast, UAE & many African countries. Our success in this sector is due to the fact that we have deep roots in this sector of textile. We offer various designs & qualities in Home Linen products & Garments.

Sports Goods

Ataraís is also engaged in export of Sports Goods of all types, we have been also supplying sports wear & sports good to different countries. Different designs & styles in Sports Wear are available.



Atara Tarpaulin & Textile Industries canvas quality is appreciated internationally we have strong manufacturing facilities for manufacturing of All types of canvas. We can also manufacture canvas with stripes in it as per the requirement of the customer.

We Manufacture:
Loomstate / Grey Cotton Canvas Water proof Cotton Canvas Rot proof Cotton Canvas Waterproof Fire Retardent. Bleached Canvas Stripped Canvas Linning / Dosouti Sanitary Napkins Printed Fabrics.


Atara Tarpaulin manufacturing is specialty of this company we have Pakistan’s best team working here for the manufacturing of Tarpaulin’s. Tarpaulin manufactured are very durable and of best quality. We have wide range of Tarpaulin’s of different qualities & of different sizes as per the requirements of our valued customer.


We at Atara have got a wide range of different types of mops. We have mops for floor cleaning, dust mops and many other types of mops as per customer requirements. We manufacture mops from yarn that is best for the manufacturing of mops.


Tent Accessories

Atara Tarpaulin & Textile Industries have a very strong line of in-house manufacturing of all tent accessories. We have our own machines for manufacturing of Iron Wall poles, Iron Standing Poles, Ridge Poles (any size) more over we have shaping machines for manufacturing of bamboo poles which are to be used in tents. We have our own rope & thread manufacturing section where best quality product is being manufactured as per Standards. We use our own yarn manufactured at Atara Spinning unit so as to maintain our quality & standard.

Truck Covers, Bullet Bags, Kit Bags

Atara is manufacturing best quality truck covers, bullet bags & kit bags, we have specialized labor for the manufacturing of these items with high tech machinery installed at Atara Tarpaulin & Textile Ind.



Atara Tarpaulin & Textile Industry is involved in the manufacture and export of socks from Pakistan. We specialize in all types of Sports/Athletics Men, Ladies and Children. We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Sport Socks from Pakistan. We are a fully integrated vertical unit. We have Unlimited Design Capability and can manufacture all types of heel formats (i.e. Y-Heel, Reciprocated/Real, Pouch, Tube) using latest Computerized Italian Machines. Equipped with latest in house, Toe Linking & over-locking, Bleaching, Dying and Finishing machines. We believe in and practice Total Quality Management. With our Customers in mind, we have ensured that we can cater to a number of designs/ combinations in a single order whether small or large and yet are able to price our products keenly. We are able to meet your most stringent and discerning requirements ranging from the upscale to the bulk economy market of socks. We are equipped to provide Quality Socks at the most competitive Prices and Design Flexibility for our Customer's Complete Satisfaction.

Knitting Machines : 91 Knitting Machines from Lonati, Model: L454J, 4" X 108 Needles (Gauge 9). Capable of producing Socks in all types of Heel construction (i.e. Real/Reciprocated, Pouch, Tube and Y-Heel) and type of Knitting (i.e. Normal and Sandwich Terry, 1/2 Terry in Normal and Sandwich Terry, Jacquard and Full Motif, Single and Double Welt with designs and Picot, Argyle, Classic Tennis, Aerobic/Slouch, Football/Soccer) using all types of Cotton, Wool, Polyester, Nylon Acrylic yarns and their blends Toe Linking/Over locking Machines 4 Conti Complete Toe Linking Machines. 2 Rosso Smart 025-Fulltronic Toe Linking Machines Consisting of Double sewing head stitch formation producing two superimposed rows of wear resistant yet flat seams of very uniform appearance adjustable between 6 to 26 gg depending on the customer requirements. 20 Over locking Machines for toe closing. Finishing Section Labeling Machines Cartons Heat Sealing Machines